Who We Are

We passionately believe in the power of good design and how it can positively impact the way we live, work and play. Our identity is rooted in our decades of exploration into hospitality design. That experience provides an understanding of how to integrate space, materials and innovation to provide a place for rejuvenation, escape, inspiration, engagement and wonder. We use the same approach to create unique spaces in medical, office, retail, industrial and civic spaces to better connect to its occupants and to promote productivity and wellness.

OneStudio D+A approaches each project with a passion for creativity, a commitment to visionary problem solving, and a drive to forge lasting partnerships with not only our clients, but consultants and contractors. Our culture of collaboration is woven into all phases of our projects, which results in spaces that are thoughtful, functional, and form sustainable identity and value for our clients.

OneStudio D+A has a reputation for creating successful and dynamic spaces, and has amassed a large portfolio of projects since the firm was established in the 1983. Projects include a variety of buildings and spaces, ranging from hotels, casinos, and time shares to parking garages, convention spaces, office buildings, medical facilities, retail centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Our team of experienced professionals provides personal service that is both timely and comprehensive. OneStudio provides services for every aspect of a project, from programming and conceptual design to project management. In addition to producing detailed designs and drawings for permitting and construction, we provide renderings and animations to help communicate the overall vision, master planning to anticipate expansion and growth, and branding and theming to create a unique identity for the project.