Baron Hershberger

  • North Carolina State University, Bachelor of Architecture
  • Registered Architect in Nevada and Oregon

A native of Nevada, Baron decided to explore more of the world before returning to his home state. He went to school in North Carolina, then spent time as an urban dweller in San Francisco. During his career, he has worked for larger Bay area firms to local small to mid-sized firms and even had his own sole proprietorship; he has garnered experience with healthcare campus projects to developing small residential infill projects. His mellow attitude makes him an easy fit in any environment he’s in.

Baron loves the outdoors and can be found with his two daughters biking around Reno or perhaps sailing his sailboat in the San Francisco Bay. Or if you have a stray animal, you may be able to convince Baron to foster it along with the cats, bunnies, and other animals that have ended up living on his property, because it’s so hard to say no to a fuzzy face.