South Meadows Physical Therapy Clinic

Renown’s new Physical Therapy Clinic is a renovation of an existing space that was used previously for physical therapy and rehabilitation. That’s where the similarities end. The former clinic was primarily an open gym space but the 5,000 sf renovation added nine PT exam/treatment rooms, a speech therapy room, office, and a break room while preserving 1,500 sf of gym space.

Several enhancements and features were created to better serve the patients and therapists. Existing toilet rooms were enlarged to provide accessibility and extra space for motorized wheelchairs. The charting room was relocated to provide direct access to the gym and separated by a glass storefront. Mirrored glass was installed so therapists can see their patients in the gym while maintaining privacy within the charting room and to provide additional reflective surfaces that assist patients with their rehabilitation exercises. Flooring strips in hallways were placed 5’ on center to assist patients in determining distance. Additional storage elements and cubbies were placed within and around the gym to provide quick access to mats, bands, balls, and other accessories.

Among the challenges in renovating the space, an existing overhead track system, used to support patients with a harness attached to a cable, was reconfigured and installed in the open ceiling of the gym. OneStudio coordinated with the Solo Step manufacturer and installer to locate the track and provide the trapeze support assembly to attach to the roof structure and avoid existing large mechanical ducts in the ceiling. OneStudio also provided an efficient gym layout, incorporating 20 pieces of equipment, within the smaller gym footprint.

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Project Statistics

Building TypePhysical Therapy Clinic
Building Size5,000 SF
Location10101 Double R Blvd, Reno, NV 89521
StatusCompleted 2021
ClientRenown Health