Rodney Wissenback

Rodney is a lover of all things outdoors, with a passion for fishing, skiing, golfing, and surfing. He takes that passion for activity and uses it to drive interesting designs that keep the user experience at the forefront while creating movement through spaces. Drawing on his love of the outdoors, Rodney keeps sustainable design at the forefront and loves to come up with creative solutions for his clients.

Rodney has over 36 years of experience in residential, low and high-rise, commercial, hotel and casino, state, and government projects. He focuses extensively on working with clients to build strong and lasting relationships that encourage collaboration and lead to high quality results. One of Rodney’s strengths is being able to communicate thoughts, directions, and design with precision, clarity, and understanding.

In his role at OneStudio D+A, Rodney is responsible for leading our team overseeing multi-family housing projects. He works closely with the clients and is able to translate their vision into a design that he communicates with the team. Rodney’s attention to detail and positive leadership approach create an environment where everyone feels inspired to bring life to the clients vision.