Ridgeline Incline

OneStudio D+A worked closely with Ridgeline, a rapidly growing tech company, to create workspaces for their employees that foster an environment that is engaging and efficient. Ridgeline believes that their employees are crucial to the success of their company and strives to create spaces that allow for flexibility in how employees work, collaborate, and socialize. Interspersed within the standard workstations are lounge areas that are vibrant and comfortable. These spaces are for sharing ideas, brainstorming sessions, and a change of scenery from sitting at a desk. Ridgeline chooses not to provide private offices, which allows all the employee workspaces to benefit from access to natural daylight. In the downstairs break room and conference area, the entire conference room can be opened to the break room seating area via large bi-fold glass walls. This was purposefully designed to increase the size of this meeting space, in the event an all-hands meeting for the Incline Village staff is convened. A glass overhead door opens the breakroom seating to the gorgeous Tahoe environment and provides natural light even when it is closed. Materials throughout the design use pops of color and different textures to reinforce Ridgeline’s playful culture. Through the design process, the team created spaces that will enable Ridgeline employees to work in a space they can enjoy.

Project Statistics

Building TypeClass A Office
Building Size3,762 SF
LocationIncline Village, NV
StatusCompleted October 2020