Circus Circus Midway

The project is a lively space by nature. Circus acts, carnival games, children of all ages; the outdated and dark concept begged for vibrant colors, strong focal points, whimsy and imagination. The design intent was to enrich the space with color, a fresh layout, a unique performance stage, and key focal points to stir and delight the crowd.

The 45′ ceilings were repaired, outdated and unusable stage equipment was removed and the tall, sloping walls were enhanced with 20’ pennants to draw the eye up. Custom wallcovering murals touch on the carnival eras of the past with a fresh graphic approach. A 40′ semi-circular stage was placed near the center of the arena to draw crowds from all directions.

Color touches every surface. The materials, lights, sounds, and crowd create joyful harmony in the atmosphere. While budget was a driving factor, through thoughtful use of materials and careful attention to detail, the space was refreshed without costly structural impact. Instead, the owner’s goals were met through selective use of custom wall coverings, a fresh paint palette, new flooring, an amazing center stage, and a complete reconstruction of the theatrical lighting and AV systems.

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Project Statistics

Building TypeEntertainment Venue
Building Size28,000 SF
LocationCircus Circus Reno, NV 89501
StatusCompleted February 2017
ClientEldorado Resorts
Award(s)Shaw Contract Design Awards - 2017 Retail Market Category Award