Renderings Create Shared Vision

A rendering of an events space designed by OneStudio D+A. 


At OneStudio D+A, we’re continually investing in our process, technology, and team members in order to better serve our clients. In 2022, this drove a focus on graphics, renderings, and 3D visualizations in order to create and convey a shared vision. These models help to clarify communication and understanding for owners, contractors, and consultants.


A rendering of Reno’s new Glow Plaza vs. in progress construction. 


While our decades of architectural experience has always led the way in the production of construction documents, 3D programs provide additional tools to help our team visualize form and space. Programs like Revit and Enscape have rapidly developed to expedite the rending process and mimic real world conditions, allowing for more clarity and creativity in our increasingly digital culture.


A rendering of a corporate campus office lobby illustrates the use of accent colors and materials designed around the client’s brand and company culture.


Part of our unique approach to architecture and design includes discovering  the DNA of a company’s brand and culture. This process allows us to create and infuse built environments with elements that are unique to each business and project. Artistic renderings not only help better communicate these ideas to clients, but also helps illustrate branding opportunities like signage placement, wall graphics, and color palettes.


A rendering of a marketplace designed by OneStudio D+A promotes the space to potential tenants.


The 3D models and renderings we create are also used by owners and developers to promote projects to investors and tenants, and create public buzz. For example, renderings of the new gym spaces at Sage Ridge School, were used for fundraising and to attract new donors.


A rendering featuring a Donor Wall, in the new Sage Ridge School Gym facility assisted in fundraising efforts.


Check out more of the renderings the OneStudio D+A team worked on in 2022 by clicking through the images below: